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Female Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata | NAMM Event | Burns Flyte Guitar
Rynata plays a Burns Flyte Guitar at NAMM event

Guitar Lessons and Guitar Tutorials. Music Instructions by Female Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata. Pictured here with a black Minarik Inferno Guitar and the Burns Flyte Guitar.

Rynata has taught Guitar and Music for over 10 years. One of the Best Female Guitarists to-date. With a vast array of experience in Touring, Performing and Recording. Teaching Guitar was a natural progression.

Shred Guitar Arpeggios Tutorial – 3 String Arpeggios
How to ‘shred’ with Guitar Arpeggios. An exercise across 3 strings.

Guitar Arpeggios Tutorial – 2 String Arpeggios
Yes, you can ‘shred’ on a 2-string arpeggio. It sounds great and can be quite nice..

Guitar Speed Exercises Alternate Picking
Every guitarist needs to master ‘Alternate Picking’. In fact, it is the MOST popular picking technique…

Dorian Mode in Thirds and the fab Flat 5
A neat exercise, using the Dorian Mode in Thirds. And also employing the flat 5…

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Hey, it is all about using the right tools. 3 main areas to play guitar well.

  1. Know your music theory. At least somewhat.
  2. Know your guitar fingerboard. Scales, Runs, Chords.
  3. Train your fingers. The ‘Gymnastics’ part of the deal.