Music Theory Tutorials

Female Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata | NAMM Event | Burns Flyte Guitar
Rynata at NAMM event with Burns Flyte Guitar

Tutorials about Music Theory, Harmony, Chord Construction, Modes, Scales, Notation. Tailored to the Guitarist.

Guitar does not play itself in a vacuum. A solid foundation in Music Theory is a must for any serious guitarist. Know your tools ! Arrange those 12 notes in the right configuration and you can play ANY style. From Punk Rock to Avantgarde Jazz. And every musical style in between.

Music Theory / Music Education Part 1 – An Introduction

Part 1 of Music Theory and Music Education Series – An Introduction!
Music Theory is NOT a book with 7 seals. It has rules, a foundation and then takes off. Know the rules and you ‘rule’ on the guitar. Many guitarists get away with very little in the theory department. In the end, however, the limits will be come obvious. Especially if you want to earn a decent living as a musician….

Building a Major Scale and Ode to 12

The Major Scale. One of the first building blocks in the music theory department. It is the most important scale, hence ‘Major’…. all other scales are derived from it, including the all present Pentatonic Scale. So let’s build one !

Conventional Music Notation versus Tablature

Why do I need Music Notation if I have Tablature, you ask? Well, lots of reasons. For Starters, Music Notation is a ‘must know’ for any professional guitarist. Also, not all sheet music includes tablature. Add to that the lack of rhythmic construction and you’ll see what I mean. Besides, it puts you ahead of your guitar friends who can’t read this. And it is very cool !

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