Music Theory / Music Education Part 1 – An Introduction

Part 1 of Music Theory and Music Education Series – An Introduction!
Scared of Music Theory? The terminology gives you the jitters? Want to remain blissfully ignorant about the ‘subject’? Play the same 3 patterns over and over again? Well.. move along then. Otherwise, my dear guitar god (and goddess) you have come to the RIGHT PLACE. Read on…. and show me some love with yo opinions!

Music Theory | Music History

You mention Music Theory to a Guitarist and most, not all, will run as fast as they can LOL… I exaggerate, of course. There are some who know that without knowing the foundation of music, we cannot build the Music House ! We will just grope in the dark as they say. And… ocassionally find a kernel. Like a blind chicken.

Now that I have your attention, let’s get on with a bit of history and why it is we do what we do.

  • Listening to Music will make you smarter!
  • Learning skills for children improve when they are actively involved in music making!
  • Making Music may improve the brain’s natural production of hormones like Melatonin.
  • Music is good for the soul!

And Music Theory Plays a Big Part !

Music Theory
is the rich and sometimes strange language of Music. This same language enables you to play music from a thousand years ago, as well as music by Metallica, AC/DC or Jewel. It takes a bit of work to learn the music language but once you do, you’ll be able to understand, emulate and create whatever you wish to do with music.

In this ongoing series of Music Theory and Music Education I will introduce you to terms, notation, rhythms, chord construction and lots more. So follow along and don’t fret. It won’t hurt!

Just to instill some respect into you, a few facts, well documented, that show how important Music is and has been to humans. Music has a long history. It might predate language and most definitely the spoken word. That is pretty heavy if you ask me. Music is found in all known cultures and can vary greatly.

Many thousands of years ago, humans most likely imitated natural sounds they heard around them, like birds and other animals. According to sources, music may have been in existence for at least 50,000 years and was invented in Africa and then moved to all inhabitable places around the world, as humans migrated.

Music is well known to possess healing qualities. Music Therapy is often used with much success in very sick people. I myself, have experienced this power. I routinely put my friend’s dogs to sleep the moment I start up playing…and these dogs NEVER sleep. So there you have it! Power to the groove.

Below are a few musical wiki items so you can impress your rockin’ friends:

Main Music History Epochs:

  • Prehistoric Music
  • Biblical Times
  • Ancient Music
  • Early Music
  • Medieval Music
  • Renaissance Music
  • Baroque Music
  • Classical Music
  • Romantic Music
  • 20th Century Music

Music Theory
is the same for all Western Instruments, no matter if you play Piano, Guitar, Flute, Horns or Violin. Those 12 notes go a long way baby. Contrary to ‘some’ opinions out there, Music Theory does NOT make you a boring player, or take away your creativity. Quite the contrary! It will open up so many more doors and possibilities and you won’t ‘get stuck in a rut’, as they say.

I can’t tell you how many times a guitar students comes to me and says: “I can’t find anything new to do, I am stuck in a rut!”… mmmhhh… Music is vast, endless and open to never-ending possibilities, especially on the guitar. There is no reason why anyone should be ‘stuck in a rut’. I tell you why ‘you are stuck there’… you don’t know your theory and you don’t know how to apply this to your instrument. On the contrary.. you have chosen to repeat the same three patterns you’ve drilled in over and over again, and have realized that your playing has become rather stale and predictable.

Before you switch to alternate tuning
to alleviate the boredom you feel, dig into these lessons and jump start your understanding of what music is all about and what makes ‘it tick’. I guarantee, you will never feel bored with your playing again.

Overview of all Music Theory and Music Education Tutorials

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