Last updated on November 19th, 2014

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Music Theory and Music Education Series – Part 1: An Introduction

Music Theory, Harmony, Chords, Soloing and ‘how it all ties in’. Knowledge is Power. Power over your Instrument. Use it…..

Guitar Speed Exercises with Alternate Picking

Guitar Speed Exercises using Alternate Picking to make you become a SHREDAHOLIC! ….

Guitar Arpeggios An Introduction | 2-string Arpeggios

Arpeggios are a much coveted technique in the Guitar ‘Shredding’ world but can be used for all sorts of……

Music Theory Part 2 – Conventional Music Notation vs. Tablature

In Part 2 of our Music Education Series I cover the topic of Guitar Tablature vs. Conventional Music Notation. Is Tab enough for us Guitarists?….

How to build a Major Scale and the 12 Chromatic Notes

The Major Scale is without doubt one of the most important things a beginning guitarist should learn. Build it and they will come.. Modes, Chords, Solos and such..

Guitar Arpeggios – 3-String Guitar Arpeggios

This cool guitar arpeggio exercise | tutorial expands our arpeggio skills to 3 strings at a much faster speed ..

Dorian Mode in thirds and that fab Flat 5 note

A nice Dorian Mode exercise of harmonized thirds over 3 minor chords plus the fab 5th note ….

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